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Welcome to Berwick & District Motor Club the home of three of the UK's top all time drivers the late Jim Clark and rally greats Andrew Cowan and Louise Aitken Walker. 


Berwick Motor Club is always keen to encourage people of all ages and genders to become involved in motorsport.

Most disciplines ( rallying, both road and stage, autocross, classic rallies, sprints, autotests etc) are all undertaken by the club.

Your wish to be involved can be anything from competing, marshalling, organising, spectating or just being there for the craic.

There are several ways to start this. Email the club secretary , give them a call, or turn up at one of our regular club nights held here in Berwick.


Check the web-site for time and venue, as, especially in the summer months, we sometimes organise different activities for the club night. Details can usually be found under the “Events”  banner.

You’ll always be made to feel welcome, and we look forward to meeting you ( and your mates too, if they want to come along! )

Getting into Motorsport

Keen to drive, help out or learn new skills?
We are a fully inclusive club and here to help
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